A hotel with a long history

We are honoured to provide you accommodation at the land where the Tennyo (Celestial Maiden) Legend is rooted. We try our best to maintain a place which would match the beauty of the Hagoromo no matsu pine tree.
This is a land of picturesque scenery of pine trees and ocean steeped in Heian era history.
The historical scenery has been preserved so that no electric wires are in sight, so the area is frequently used for filming period dramas.
On June 2013, the place was newly registered as a World Cultural Heritage site under the name of "Fujisan, sacred place and source of artistic inspiration".
Miho no Matsubara is one of the top three pine covered areas in Japan. It was also registered as the part of Fujisan Cultural Site.
Miho no Matsubara is just in front of the hotel.
There is a Japanese garden spanning over a 6612㎡ wide area next to Hagoromo no Matsu.
We provide you with a relaxing time with traditional Japanese course meals using fresh seafood from Suruga bay, spacious bath, all within a tasteful traditional Japanese building. We hope you have a great time here with us and become part of the story.

Virtual tour of the hotel

Virtual tour of the hotel


The main entrance can be found past the stone road. There is a lobby with a lilac color theme. Next to the lobby, there is a Japanese-style café, kaoru.

  • Café kaoru
    Café kaoru
    Next to the lobby, there is a Japanese-style café, kaori. It can be used by our guests only.
    15 seats (Including the counter)
    【Opening Hours】8:00~10:00 / 15:00~20:00
    (Last order 19:30)
  • Kiosk
    We have a Kiosk at the Lobby which has a selection of the city specialties and products related to Mt. Fuji.
Japanese garden

Japanese garden

The vast Japanese garden will soothe your heart in any season.
There is an Ishibutai at the centre of the garden. If you go through the garden, you can see magnificent sights of Mt. Fuji and the Hagoromo Coast.

  • Ishibutai, Ukishima
    Ishibutai, Ukishima
    Ukishima is a large wetland spreading at the skirt of Mt. Fuji.
    Ishibutai "Ukishima" occurs in the greens of pines.
    Special events are sometimes organised in the area. Please inquire at the hotel for more information.
  • Road of the Kami
    Road of the Kami
    This is 500 meters-long Road of the Kami from Miho Shrine to Miho no Matsubara where you can find the Hagoromo Pine Tree.
    The road lined with about 200 to 300 years-old pine trees is incredibly scenic.
    Our hotel is located just down the road.
  • World Heritage Miho no Matsubara
    World Heritage Miho no Matsubara
    A pine tree that is about 200 years old can be found in Miho no Matsubara, which is one of the three great views of Japan. The view of Mt. Fuji from that spot is outstanding.
    It is famed for the legend of Hagoromo (robe of feathers) which is associated with our hotel.


A bath which will let your mind drift back to the local legend
There is an impressive high ceiling resembling an umbrella made with hinoki cypress .
You can relax in the wide open space.

  • Large Bath
    Large Bath
    The look of steam going up to the ceiling will remind you of the Celestial Maiden Tennyo from the legend of Hagoromo, which has been handed down through the generations in Miho Matsubara.
    Our bath is not a hot spring, but we use natural Okitsu river water which contains minerals.
  • Outdoor garden bath
    Outdoor garden bath
    Next to the large Bath is the outdoor garden bath. Enjoy the bath surrounded by groves and natural rocks while looking up at the night sky.
    The outdoor bath is part of the large bath.
    The bath is men-only during set time slots, and women-only during other time slots. There are two time slots: before and after dinner. More information is available on the site.
  • Private Japanese cypress bath
    Private Japanese cypress bath
    In the Annex Building, Miyabi, there is a private Japanese cypress bath in a garden. Enjoy a relaxing time surrounded by the scent of Japanese cypress.


The picturesque Miho no Matsubara has preserved the traditions related to Mt. Fuji.
The area is surrounded by pine trees and the sea.
Mt. Fuji can be seen clearly in the winter, but you might not be able to see it on some days.

Hagoromo Hotel is the only place looking over Mt. Fuji in Miho.
Even if you cannot see Mt. Fuji during your stay due to unfavorable weather conditions, we will do our best to make your stay enjoyable so that you will want to come back again to see Mt. Fuji.

  • Shizuoka Green tea
    Shizuoka Green tea
    We will welcome you with complimentary Shizuoka specialities: Shizuoka Green Tea and Okami’s homemade Yokan (Soft azuki-bean jelly).
  • Charger for electric cars
    Charger for electric cars
    We have a charger for electric cars at our car parking space available for free. Please inquire at reception if you would like to use it.